BSC (Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics)

Programme Overview
The Bachelor of Science (BSc) course provides a unique blend of subjects that help to enrich the candidate’s knowledge, create a highly adaptive environment, and provide opportunities to grow successfully in the respective field.
The Computer Science curriculum includes relevant studies related to the study of programming concepts and software and their applications. Candidates will be able to gain insights into the structure, function, mechanism, and algorithm that are responsible for the representation, processing, storage, and communication, and access to digital information. The Mathematics curriculum focuses on the understanding and solving of numerical problems. Candidates are taught about the science of numbers, quantity, and space through algebra, calculus, geometry, differential equations, and real analysis. The Statistics curriculum deals with the collection, organization, calculation, and interpretation of data. Candidates are taught about the principles and applications of Statistics, Probability, Permutations, and Combination.
Skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, reasoning, analytical thinking, logical skills, and entrepreneurship are enhanced through seminars, guest lectures, workshops, projects, internships, and dissertations included in the course curriculum. 

Programme Specific Outcomes
PSO1: Explain mathematical methods and their applications.
PSO2: Explain statistical methods and their applications.
PSO3: Ability to design, implement and evaluate computer-based systems, processes, and components.
PSO4: Develop algorithms to solve mathematical problems.
PSO5: Develop computer programmes for the algorithms developed to solve mathematical problems.

Career Options
Students trained in Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science are favorites of software, insurance, market research, securities, and banking companies. They can take up Jobs as:
Web Developers or Database Administrators within the IT Industry 
Data Analysts and Data Scientists
Analytics Consultants
Business Analysts

Professional Scope
Students can pursue the following higher studies after the completion of the BSC degree:
MSC in Computer Science
MSC in Mathematics
MSC in Statistics
MBA (Business Analyst, Entrepreneurship, Project Management)
MS in Data Science

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