Bachelor of Visual Arts

Programme Overview
Bachelor of Visual Arts (Applied Arts) is aimed at expanding the traditional educational approach to visual arts by encouraging experimentation with a full array of artistic practices. The capstone of the programme highlights various activities apart from teaching. Students are encouraged and supported to adopt various interdisciplinary activities including music, dance, fine arts, and mass media in an integrated manner that also adds value to their degrees. The programme aims to equip students with an ability to design products and advertisements for various establishments. The programme also promotes artistic expression in the students that pave their way to a successful career. 

Programme Specific Outcomes
PSO1: Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the history of art and  aesthetics. PSO2: Identify and apply the elements and principles of visual art when visually communicating information and ideas.
PSO3: Apply knowledge of historical narratives, contemporary issues, and processes  and directions of their fields, to produce interpretations and/or artifacts.
PO4: Develop and produce relevant projects using various media and both traditional and contemporary technologies. 
PO5: Perform a useful critical analysis of communication, form, and concept.
PO6: Create work with an appropriate relationship between form, content, and  context when visually communicating information and/or ideas.

Career Options
The career options in the field of visual arts are the merger of passion and profession. The major career options include:
Art Director in Advertising Agencies/ Film/ TV/ Video Productions
Professional Practicing Artist
Animation, 3D Modeler and Illustrator.
Visual Effect Artist, Digital Artist, Game Artist and Designer.
Brand Strategy Development
Multimedia/ Web Design and Corporate Design
Packaging Design
Print and Publication Design
Art Gallery/ Museum Display/ Exhibition Designer.

Professional Scope
After completion of the course, the candidates can also pursue the following higher studies:
Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
Master of Visual Arts (MVA)
MA in Visual Arts
MA in Fine Arts.

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