BVOC (Media Studies)

Programme Overview
The Bachelors of Vocation degree in Media Studies is a purely professional programme that combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience. The new-generation BVoc Courses are based on the National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) and is offered to address the critical knowledge and skill-sets required to make the students “industry ready” and also shape “young-entrepreneurs” in the relevant sectors. The Programme exclusively focuses on creating opportunities for students to excel in different media domains such as Print, Film and Television, Radio, Advertising, and Social Media. The programme works to map core writing skills with job profiles in the media industry. The curriculum of B.Voc (Media Studies) includes courses like Media and Mass Communication, Digital Photography, Television Production, New Media, Online Journalism, Radio Journalism, News Writing, Documentary Film-Making, Communication Research and Advertising and Public Relations. The programme also includes Industrial Visits, Guest Lectures from industry experts and on- the-job training. 

Programme Specific Outcomes
PSO1: Exhibit the skill of critical design thinking and use them to predict a range of creative solutions towards a design problem.
PSO2: Enable students to write and stage plays, choreograph and perform dance.
PSO3: Build effective interactive and presentation skills to meet global competencies and connect to people individually or in group settings.
PSO4: Cultivate a streamlined creative process with training in skills and software needed at industry level, like, Graphic Designing, Photography, Sound Design, Scripting, Cinematography, Film direction, Filmmaking, and Advertisement.

Career Options
The most common career options include: 
Features writer in News Portals, magazines
Corporate communication executive
Technical writer
Review writer for fashion, film, food, travel, etc.
Social Media Executive
Script Researcher, Scriptwriter, Script Editor and Ad Scriptwriter
Video content creator, Brand content creator, Radio producer
Digital Marketing Manager
Social Media Manager, Social Media Strategist and Social Media Planner

Professional Scope
The candidate will be eligible to pursue MA in Journalism and Mass Communication, MBA, MS Animation and M.Voc.

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