Industry Visited: Karnataka soaps and Detergents Ltd Mysore Sandal Factory

Resource Person/Guest: Sri. Balakrishna (Company Guide)

Number of participants: 47 students

Objectives of the event:

  • To provide hands-on experience and exposure to the production processes involved in the manufacture of sandalwood soap making.
  • To observe and learn various stages of production.
  • To develop an understanding of the various marketing strategies and techniques used in the promotion and distribution of sandalwood products.

Purpose of the visit:

  • Overview of the factory and the production process: This could include a tour of the factory, where students can see the various stages of production involved in making sandalwood soap.
  • Practical knowledge and experience: Students will gain practical experience and exposure to the various stages of sandalwood soap production, including the extraction of sandalwood oil and its incorporation into the soap.
  • Understanding of business and management practices: Students will learn about the various business and management practices used in the sandalwood soap industry, including marketing, distribution, and quality control.
  • Appreciation for traditional techniques and cultural significance: Students will develop a deeper appreciation for the traditional techniques and cultural significance of sandalwood in India, including its use in traditional medicine and spirituality.