Don Bosco College believes in the philosophy of collaboration and partnership in offering the best to the student community. The College has successfully signed MOUs with Institutions, NGOs, Corporates to further the Industry-Academia training of the students


Establishing Collaboration and Partnership with organisations, enterprises, and companies is vital in giving practical direction, critical analysis, and support in regard to the College's industrial strategy and ensuring students are equipped for the real-world of business. Through signing Memorandums of Understanding with esteemed colleges, universities, and corporations, Don Bosco College is dedicated to enhancing the quality of educational opportunities for both students and faculty on a global scale. The objective is to build teaching, research, and foreign exchange relationships that aim to improve the students’ learning experiences as well as the academic staff’s teaching and research perspectives.

Objectives of the Collaboration and Partnership

Facilitate collaboration with institutions to work together on joint projects, research initiatives, student exchange programs, and other mutually beneficial ventures

Resource sharing
Share resources with other institutions, such as library resources, equipment, and technology

Expand networks and connect with other institutions, businesses, and organizations in their respective fields

Enhanced reputation
Enhance the reputation of colleges and improve their standing in the academic and business communities

Community Engagement
Facilitate community engagement initiatives such as volunteer programs, service learning projects, and community outreach efforts.

Social Responsibility
Establish partnerships with organizations that are committed to social responsibility, sustainability and joint initiatives focused on environmental sustainability, social justice, and other social causes.

Recruitment and Retention
Provide the students with access to job opportunities, internships, and other career development resources, which can help with student recruitment and retention

The College has entered into MOU/Memberships with the following Colleges, NGOs, Training Institutes, Enterprises and Communities:

Assam Don Bosco University India
Indian Social Institute
ELT@I (English Language Teachers Association of India)
Red Cross Society of Karnataka
HR Success Talk
Montfort College, Bengaluru
Don Bosco Green Alliance