Our patron and founder, is Saint John Bosco, popularly known as Don Bosco (Father Bosco in Italian). Born at Becchi in Italy on 16 August 1815, he felt called at a very early age to work for the poor boys of that era when Europe was in the tumult of the Industrial Revolution, and many youngsters who came to the cities to study or in search of work fell easy prey to the many social evils of the time.

After being ordained a priest of the Catholic Church in 1841, Don Bosco dedicated himself to the rescue of these poor boys with his novel method of education that involved a holistic involvement in their lives and problems. Don Bosco was fully attuned to the needs of his society. He did not visualize education in isolation from the community within whose parameters it functioned. Vocational guidance, vocational training, job placement and follow-up were as integral to Don Bosco's scheme of things as they are in modern education.

The Don Bosco Method is based on three principles of Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness. In the words of educator-psychologist, Luciano Cian: “Don Bosco’s method is born of an attentive and loving presence among youth; a presence that awakens their consciousness because it meets them exactly where they are. It is a style that is not just a preoccupation to defend them from dangers for fear of risks and eventual errors (as if to keep them in a perpetual state of childhood directed and nurtured by adults), but is a commitment to propose, to motivate, to open up and to encourage the person to become that which he or she originally is and should be, according to that project of life and those choices which one intuits and understands as the core of one’s personal vocation.”

This educative system aims at creating a generation of young men and women steeped not only in sound knowledge-based education but also in a strong value-based education for life. Don Bosco’s educational values are: non-violence, mutual respect, love, appreciation, parent-child rapport, oneness of spirit, self-expression, peer-solidarity, creativity, games, contact with nature, joy.


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