Roslin (BCom)

Don Bosco!! Although DBC is a new college, the teachers, the environment, everything about this college is really special! Every teacher here is so friendly, and above that, they really give importance to intellectual thinking and continuously check on the students to see whether we understand the topic covered. DBC always keeps us busy with seminars and activities, which doesn't make college life boring.

Komal (BCom)

A very friendly and safe environment that provides a very good education not only on academic grounds but on an overall basis. Understanding and motivating management, who provide assistance and care when needed for my overall development and to improve my knowledge in all aspects. I am happy that Don Bosco College is providing a platform to practise learning and preparing me for a better life.

Monika (BCA)

Our college provides all types of facilities as well as friendly professors who are always ready to encourage, support, and help us no matter what the situation. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Fr. Jose and Fr. Yesudas for their ongoing inspiration. We have a library with a good collection of books, which is very important to us; a computer lab, which is essential for BCA students; conferences, events, fun, and entertainment; what else can students expect from their college life? My college has never failed to prove that it is the best college. Faculty members, that is, professors, know what we, the students, really expect, and they fulfil it.
Proud to be a Boscoian!!

Debashis Pani (BCA)

I have vivid memories of these few months at Don Bosco College. I never expected to find a very comfortable zone on a college campus. This campus or college is very beautiful to look at and walk around, and my college, in particular, provided me with a good education and knowledge because of the highly educated teachers we have here. My college is not only a good education center, but it's a place where I and my friends can enjoy a lot with teachers as our parents, brothers, and best friends. We can stay, talk with teachers, and spend time with them in the same way that we can stay at home and spend time with our parents. I have very supportive teachers. One of the best things I got in college was a Principal who always stood up for me and led me and the rest of the students. This is a great and invaluable thing that I got in college. The college supports and helps in all other activities, such as cultural events and sports, and also provides support based on our talent. There's more to describe about my college, but I'm stopping here.
Thank you

Ayesha (BBA)

I feel cheerful about joining this college. It simply exceeds my expectations. As a student after my P.U., I was looking for a college that could provide quality education as well as personal development, encouragement of talents, and a friendly environment. All of this I discovered here. The professors are too good; they make sure every single topic is understood by the students, and they don't focus only on theoretical knowledge; they train us in practical skills too. Throughout this journey, I have had a positive experience where we have sessions about many new and interesting topics that are not in the books and are relevant to our lives. We also have counselling for students. They just make sure students don't have any problems and provide us with all new digital and technological facilities. The college structure is amazing; we even have clubs, that encourage talent. I'm glad that I joined this college.

Jessica (BBA)

College is a place where we experience quality education and knowledge. I consider myself fortunate to have chosen Don Bosco College, which is an ideal setting for a bright future. Despite the fact that it is a new college, the education is of high quality, and the faculty members are highly experienced. The management supports each student in every step and guides us on the right path; the faculty are friendly with students, and they try to help us in all the ways; importance is given not only to studies but also to all the activities; and we have a peaceful environment in college. Therefore, I am really proud to be a part of this college.

Jerry (BSW)

What can I say? It's been an honour to be a part of Don Bosco because it's surely the best educational institution. I treasure every moment spent in college, especially the extracurricular activities, and will remember them for the rest of my life. I have established my leadership, time management, and team skills and have also been able to advance these skills.
The faculty members are more like friends than teachers, with whom you can speak about anything.
Don Bosco College is great, and I am grateful for what they have provided me with. Thank you.

Shiny veronica (BSW)

Hello everyone!
With great passion and ambition to pursue a career in social work and to be of help to society, I travelled 150 kilometres and chose Don Bosco College, which has a pleasant and peaceful environment. When I entered the college campus, the staff at the entrance were very welcoming. Despite the fact that it was my first time away from my home town, I felt extremely at ease. The knowledge and style of teaching of the faculty members, help me and other students understand the courses. The new friends and I are very comfortable studying together. Overall, the teachers, staff, students, and friends are the best. Without strong management and a knowledgeable principal, we (the students) may not have been comfortable or flexible while pursuing our graduation.

Aghil (BA)

I am Aghil, from Don Bosco Colleges. I am delighted to share my personal college experience with you. This is the place where we can be ourselves, where we can express all of our emotions, and I personally believe that this is the only college with which I am comfortable. I formed myself into a good human after joining here. And whatever I feel now about my college, it is all because of our professors here. They encourage me to think for myself and realise the real value of learning. Our principal, Father Yessudass, is the person who knows how to guide a student in his career path. And he is trying his best to teach us to be good humans. And in my personal perspective, I would say that Don Bosco College is the best place to know ourselves and to form ourselves.

Jasmine (BA)

My first semester of college has been an interesting learning experience. Since the start of college, I've learned a lot, most notably how to take charge of myself. I learned that being successful in college depends on how you prioritise your work and how seriously you take it. I assumed that college life would be very difficult and that the teachers would not be as involved as they were in high school. But being a student at Don Bosco College, I feel lucky to have great professors who involve their students in each and every part. As of now, I am well adjusted to the college environment. I'm proud to have gotten into such a great college where our professors never judged us based on our grades but instead always supported our goals and encouraged our abilities.